Ways to Deal with Migranes

You feel a bad migraine coming on - what do you do? If you don't want to be suffer through debilitating pain all day, you try one of these nine ways to deal with migraines to experience quick relief.

1. Switch Environments: If your migraine is caused by loud noises, bright lights or over-stimulation, get away to a quiet, dark room to rest for a while if you can.

2. Avoid Triggers: Keep a journal to determine which foods and situations are most likely to trigger your migraines. Avoid them whenever possible.

3. Take a Nap: If napping is an option, go lay down right away. You'll feel much better when you wake up.

4. Exercise: Alternately, exercising is a great way to take care of your body and keep those migraines at bay.

5. Take an Over-the-Counter Pain Reliever: If you need the pain gone immediately and you don't have time to try some of the other, more natural pain relief options, an over-the-counter pain reliever can knock the pain out fast.

6. Reduce Stress: Your body doesn't like stress; can you blame it? Find ways to reduce your stress and clear your head, and your migraines might just dissipate on their own.

7. Get a Massage: A massage always feels wonderful, especially when you have a migraine to treat.

8. Have a Little Caffeine: While caffeine can be a major migraine trigger, oftentimes just a little caffeine can help, especially if you have recently quit drinking soda and your body is going through withdrawal.

9. Visit Neurology & Sleep Clinics of Chicago, SC for Botox: If none of the at-home remedies seem to be working and it's time to try something a little more serious, it may be time to visit Neurology & Sleep Clinics of Chicago, SC for Botox. Many people don't realize it, but, in addition to smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles, Botox is also medically approved to help treat migraines as well.

Don't suffer through migraine pain day after day. Try any of the above at-home remedies and then call or visit Neurology & Sleep Clinics of Chicago, SC in Schaumburg migraine help today.


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