Dr. Rosalyn Aranas and Dr. Esmeralda Park help Chicago residents get a good night’s rest.
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  • Dr. Rosalyn Aranas and Dr. Esmeralda Park help Chicago residents get a good night’s rest.
By Dr. Rosalyn Aranas and Dr. Esmeralda
September 23, 2014
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Restful SleepA good night’s rest should be a must, not a luxury. That’s the message sleep medicine physicians Dr. Rosalyn Aranas and Dr. Esmeralda Park share with their Schaumburg sleep medicine patients at Neurology & Sleep Clinics of Chicago.
Sleep disorders interfere in some way with a person getting a good night’s rest. For example, sleep apnea causes a person to take pauses in breathing while sleeping, which can cause them to wake up several times over the course of a night. Restless leg syndrome causes a person to have a frequent tingling sensation or jerking to the legs, which can keep a person awake. Insomnia prohibits a person from falling or staying asleep. Narcolepsy is another condition that causes a person to unknowingly experience “sleep attacks” where he or she falls asleep without intending to.
Regardless of your sleep disorder, our physicians and healthcare team at Neurology & Sleep Clinics of Chicago can help diagnose your condition and find a solution to help them achieve a better night’s rest.

Sleep Disorders are Highly Treatable and Can Enhance a Patient’s Quality of Life

While each sleep disorder has its own unique characteristics, some signs a patient may be experiencing a sleep disorder include feeling sleepy throughout the day, awaking with his or her own snoring, awaking as if you have fallen asleep, feeling constantly sleepy even when you have had a full night’s rest.
Sleep disorders are more than a minor nuisance—they affect a person’s health and job performance. If a person suspects they may have a sleep disorder, we can perform a health history and potentially schedule a sleep study to examine the person’s sleep behaviors.
Treating sleep disorders can be complicated and take several approaches. This includes everything from medications to machines that aid in sleeping to working on practicing better sleep hygiene habits. But whatever the condition, the experts at Neurology & Sleep Clinics of Chicago often have a solution that helps patients finally achieve a healthy night’s sleep.
If you have the symptoms of a sleep disorder, call Neurology & Sleep Clinics of Chicago, S.C. to make an appointment to see a sleep medicine physician at (847) 929-4420. To learn about additional services Dr. Aranas and Dr. Park offer, please explore our practice website for more information.