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By Neurology & Sleep Clinics of Chicago, S.C.
December 08, 2014
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Getting a good night’s rest is a crucial element of maintaining good overall health. It’s estimated that up to 40% of adults experience insomnia at some point in the course of a year. Schaumburg sleep doctor Rosalyn M. Aranas, M.D. is available to help patients who are having sleeping issues, large and small. If you’re having a problem with your sleep patterns, take a moment to understand more about sleep disorders and how to resolve this common issue.

What Is a Sleep Disorder?
A sleep disorder is any condition that makes it difficult or impossible to get a good night’s sleep or stay asleep. You may sleep for a few minutes then wake up without explanation. You may stay up all night long staring at the ceiling or the back of your eyelids but not fall asleep. Sleeping too much can also be considered a disorder. Problems sleeping are often a result of some type of neurological issue -- your brain isn’t receiving or sending the right messages. When you don’t get the proper amount of sleep each night it causes a lack of energy, fatigue and even problems with your mental well-being.

Common Treatments for Sleep Disorders
There are a number of different types of sleep disorders, including sleep apnea, snoring, sleep paralysis, hypersomnia, narcolepsy and REM behavioral disorder. Schaumburg sleep Dr. Rosalyn M. Aranas, M.D. offers a number of suggested treatments for patients who have problems getting to sleep or staying asleep. Common treatments include breathing devices to wear in the mouth, medications, dietary changes and therapy (when it is related to stress or other mental problems).

Getting Help with Sleeping Problems
Going days or weeks without getting a good night’s rest is definitely not normal. You need sleep to restore your body and mind daily. Get in touch with Schaumburg Sleep Dr. Aranas of Neurology & Sleep Clinics of Chicago SC by visiting her website at to request an appointment or by calling (847) 929-4420.